Website Security

We specialize in securing WordPress websites and restoring hacked WordPress websites to their original version after a security incident. We also offer security audits on servers and WordPress websites for ongoing security or insurance reasons.

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Questions – Website Security

Do I need security for my website?

Security is like insurance. You pay proactively to prevent the chance of a much higher cost and inconvenience down the road. Add security to your setup proportional to how much is at risk. For blogs, run the free version of Wordfence and make backups. For businesses, use the premium version of Wordfence and have someone receiving email alerts about issues. For sites that take payments or deal with personal information, it helps to have a human monitoring things.

What website systems do you secure?

We only service WordPress websites for security. We offer vulnerability analysis for your IP addresses and servers, but that is not related to your website unless you are running on a private server. 

What is Vulnerability Analysis used for?

This comes in handy if you are running your own server and want to make sure it is secure. We generate reports that can be used for insurance purposes. We also have clients that request security analysis on their server or office IP address. We also have the option for regularly scheduled IP-based security scans that alert us of issues.

Can you unhack my website?

If your website is WordPress and you are an administrator on the site, then yes! We offer guarantees on our security services, and offer 4 weeks of monitoring after our threat response.