Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis

Servers have security holes. Some are due to not keeping up with updates, others are from improper setup. Our Vulnerability Analysis service will check for basic security issues on your server or website. This service is intended for users running private servers or office networks that need to be scanned for security.

Server Analysis

Scan of exposed services on an IP address. Lists open services on the IP, checks their version, and lists known vulnerabilities.

Wordpress Security

Full security scan for Wordpress sites. Update check, malware scan, weak password check, and recommendations to increase security.

Scheduled Scans

Scheduled security scans can be automated. Monthly scans can be performed to notify us if vulnerabilities arise.

Questions - Vulnerability Analysis

Do I need a Vulnerability Analysis?
If you run any kind of private server, manage an office network, or a firewall, then this service may be for you. A vulnerability analysis can test any public facing device for security issues that hackers may try to compromise. It is often used to fully test your security after a change of setup.
What can you perform Vulnerability Analysis on?
We run vulnerability analysis on Linux and Windows servers. We can also do a security scan on Wordpress websites.
What types of problems can this service detect?
This is for detecting misconfigurations during setup changes, and scanning for out of date services that have known security vulnerabilities. If we are analyzing WordPress as well, we can do malware scans and check through the logs to see if any attacks should be dealt with.

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