Website Transfer

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Website Transfer


Website Transfers are when we change the company that hosts our website. The site gets moved, and your clients never notice a change. This can be done to reduce price, get more features, or to leave a web host that is slow or unreliable. It’s separate from your domain or email but we can handle those as part of this too.

Domain Transfer

$100 with website transfer

Your domain is just a name that points to your website when people enter it. It’s separate from your website, but related. Domain transfers change us to a new domain registrar.

Email Transfer

Call for a quote for your setup

Email transfers move your email addresses to a new provider while keeping it all the same for your clients. We transfer all email messages with the accounts.

Transfer Requirements

  • New host can host WordPress sites

  • New host allows transfers in

  • Sufficient speed (call for quote on budget hosts)

  • You have full access to the old website

  • You have access to your DNS (domain)

WP Engine Discount

We use WP Engine for this site. It has an auto-migration tool that saves us time on your transfer. We offer 20% off on transfer labor to WP Engine. Our affiliate link below also gives you 4 months free at their service.