Article Writing

Article Writing

It’s no secret that computers can write almost as well as humans. We can only step up our game so much until we need to use AI to assist. Right now we can use AI to create articles, though the output can have errors, so a human needs to make the ultimate decision on what content to use.

Make good content. This is an AI-assisted way to create articles faster, but it doesn’t mean they are good or factually correct.

Types of AI Articles

AI Articles

We work together with the AI to get article ideas people want. We use multiple AIs to create variations on each topic. We get 3 unedited variations for every topic.

AI Assisted Articles

Same as our article creation service, but a human improves it. Content is recreated to fit your needs, facts and wording with SEO. We get one ready-to-post article.

Questions – Article Writing

What kind of variations can we get?

We currently use both Davinci and ChatGPT to create content, but we will be adding more as they become public. Davinci allows us to set paramaters like creativity to get a wider variety as well.

What models do we use?

Davinci is the one we have had best experience with. It is similar to ChatGPT and also made by OpenAI but it seems to have higher quality results in an article writing environment.

Quality? Or no?
Not yet, but soon. Currently this is just a powerful tool to assist us. It’s easy to have confidence after reading a few articles, but the facts can be wrong. Accuracy will be there pretty soon, but for now a human should check this before posting it.