WordPress Rescue

I fix broken WordPress sites

Hey, I am Chris. Use me to repair your WordPress website when your plugins or themes malfunction and your site is not working properly. I get in there and make a complete backup of the site, then run any maintenance that has failed or was ignored. If the updates cause the site to malfunction, I work through the errors individually until we have a working site again.

These prices are for sites with up to 15 plugins. Call if you have more.

Maintenance Only – $480

This is perfect for websites that have not been maintained for a while, up to around 3 years or so. We make backups, update all available plugins and themes. We then upgrade your hosting to the latest PHP that your setup supports. We fix errors as we go through this, but your site must be working at the start. We can optionally check renewal dates and discontinue any services you don’t need.

Website Rescue – $720

We can fix broken sites. We include the repair and all required maintenance to catch up. This is for sites that have broken features like theme functions, or broken visuals like the home page. It’s never one broken thing, so we just make sure everything is as up to date as possible and sort out the bugs along the way.

Questions – WordPress Repair

I didn’t manage my site for years, can this help?

This is perfect for under-maintained sites. Once we go beyond 3-5 years without maintenance, it does get more difficult and we may send a custom quote.

What won’t you fix?

We fix WordPress, its plugins and themes. We don’t venture into email or 3rd party services tied into WordPress.

Does it always work perfectly?

No. Some of the process relies on your plugins, which are code created by their programmer. If they don’t work due to lack of updates, we deactivate those plugins and find alternatives.