Web Design

Web Design

Beachside offers web design services for WordPress websites. We can help you create a website to market your brand, create a store, sell access to online courses, or to simply get your business an online presence. Our website service includes everything we will need to upgrade your existing website, or create a new one.

It’s WordPress All The Way Down

All of our new websites are based on WordPress. WordPress runs about 30% of the internet, so designers and developers are easy to find. With so many users, extra features are plentiful. Photo galleries, contact forms, shopping carts, online appointments, selling online courses and making your own private social media site are all extra features we can build into WordPress websites.



Online Learning

Online Scheduling


Events and Tickets

Website Features

Mobile Friendly
Our websites adapt to the device they are displayed on. Large monitors, laptops, tablets and phones all have their own style and layout optimized for that device.
Search Engine Friendly
Keywords are used during the construction of your site to improve your search engine ranking when people search for you.
In Your Control
Every service we use is under your control and billing.
Easy To Edit
WordPress allows for simple changes on the site without programming knowledge. It means you and your team can add blog posts or edit text.

Questions – Web Design

How long does it take to make a website?
The process is interactive, so it depends on how much communication there is between us. A website usually takes 3-6 weeks, but should not take longer than 3 months.
What does Web Design include?
Web design includes full service setup, creation, and installation of a new website. Graphics and logo design are purchased through our partners and incorporated in the website. Hosting fees are charged through the web host separate from our service. We will help you purchase hosting, set it up, build a website on it, and make it public. Web design does not include search engine rankings, but we follow modern day SEO techniques as part of the design process.
Do you design sites other than WordPress?
No, we only design WordPress sites in our full service web design.