Computer Support

Computer Support

Beachside Technology offers expert-level computer support for Windows, Linux and Mac. We have deep experience with a wide range of hardware and software, and the patience to apply it to your needs. Our specialty is site reliability, which includes maintenance, security and backups to get the highest reliability from our computers. We will bring our passion for tech to your team.



We make sure your computer always has critical security and backup tools running.
10% hourly discount


We include most labor on the computer, and extend support to printers and software.
20% hourly discount



Expert at diagnosis and tech. Consulting, training or repair. Computers and devices.
1-hour minimum

Computer Alerts

Alerts when antivirus gets turned off
Alerts if your backups are not running
Hardware Failures
We detect some issues before the user notices

Hardware and Software

We narrow down your issue to a program or piece of hardware
Hardware Replacement
We replace hard drives, memory and a few other parts
Software Support
Up to 30m per month support for software on the PC
Printer Support
Two sessions of printer troubleshooting or setup, up to an hour each


Security and Backups Setup
We setup and troubleshoot your backup and antivirus tools
Afterhours Support
Weekend and evenings support
Catastrophe Recovery
Get a new computer and quickly move everything to it using our backups

Fine Print


Our basic plan will sure your computer has all the tools running we recommend for good safety. It includes setup and troubleshooting of the most important tools:

  • Antivirus blocks malicious websites and software.
  • Backups are there to recover deleted files or recover after a total computer loss.
  • Maintenance tools push our recommended updates and fixes to your computer. 
  • Alerts notify us if your backups, antivirus go down. Tells us possible causes during computer crashes. Alerts us of certain pre-failure warnings.
  • Diagnosis of issues to a specific program or piece of hardware.
  • Hourly discount
  • Priority support

We charge extra, hourly, for other issues. We only support the tools listed above in this package. Software you may have like Quickbooks, hardware like printers, Windows issues and


    Our Full support plan covers most maintenance and troubleshooting on your computer. We also cover printers unless they are chronically problematic. This service also includes up to 30 minutes per month of software support. Use those 30 minutes with Quickbooks, Dropbox, data organization, or even basic network troubleshooting as long as it is a service on your computer we are working on.

    We switch to hourly after the limits of this service have been reached. This plan comes with a discount on our hourly rate.

    Computer maintenance and support does not include internet services like websites, email servers, online password resets or Quickbooks Online. This support plan does come with discounts for some of these and priority support, but they are separate.

    Hardware replacement is different for everyone. Desktop computers are often modular and we can replace more items, while laptops are usually soldered chips we can’t safely remove. Your mileage may vary, but in ideal desktop computers I cover RAM, hard drive, graphics card, psu replacements. We do not include replacements of motherboards, CPU, CPU fans, or soldered items. If your computer is glued together using adhesive we charge separately, hourly for this.


    Our hourly support service has a 1-hour minimum and we charge in 15 minute increments after that.



    Our maintenance tool sends us alerts if your computer isn’t running basic security and backups. We also get alerts on excessive failures, long-overdue updates, and certain pre-fail warnings on hardware like hard drives.

    Part of this service provides error logs to us. We can review system crashes and other major errors on your computer. This lets us partially diagnose it before we connect.


    We include setup and troubleshooting of essential computer tools like antivirus and backups.

    After-hours support is just me. I do my best to be on call about 12 hours per day, but in the end it’s simply a best-effort kind of thing.

    Catastrophe recovery is how we get back up and running after major computer failures. A fast way is to grab a new computer and use our backups to restore it as a new computer. This service includes picking a new computer (local or online), restoration of files and backups, and reinstallation of required programs.

    There are limits to Basic and Full support, so please check those sections for more information.

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