Computer Support

Computer Support

Beachside Technology offers expert-level computer support for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac workstations. We have experience with a wide range of hardware and software, and the patience to apply it to your needs. Our specialty is site reliability, which includes maintenance, security and backups to get the highest reliability from our computers. We will bring our passion for tech to your team.


Includes all regular maintenance for your computer. You have an expert tech on call when you need one.


We assist with your printers, routers. We set your machine to detect serious problems and notify us.



Expert-level diagnosis and repair of complex issues. Computer training for any skill level. 1-hour minimum.

Hardware and Software

We narrow down your issue to a program or piece of hardware
Semi-Annual Checkups
We log on to your computer remotely and check and fix all the important software
Software Support
Up to 30m per month support for your software on the PC
Hardware Replacement
Includes replacement of broken hardware like SSDs or memory
Printer Support
Two sessions of printer troubleshooting or setup per year included, up to an hour each


Security and Backups Setup
We setup and troubleshoot your backup and antivirus tools
Catastrophe Recovery
Get a new computer and quickly move everything to it using our backups
Afterhours Support
Weekend and evenings support for emergencies

Computer Alerts

Antivirus and Backups
Alerts when antivirus or backups gets turned off
Hardware Failures
We detect some issues before the user notices