Support Plans

Website Support Plans

Beachside can be part of your team to keep your website running smoothly. We offer ongoing web, email and security maintenance exclusively through our service plans. We offer a minimal maintenance plan, a full service plan that includes support for 3rd party services, and a premium plan with after-hours support and support for Private Servers or custom websites.



We do the basics to keep your website running and safe. We manage updates, security, backups and renewals for you. You get a real person on phone support.


We are involved in external services tied into your site. Labor discounts, annual account cleanup, email support and security checkups by a human being.



We work on your site every month. Private Server support. Full email setup and support. Afterhours and weekends. More frequent updates. Larger discounts.


Update WordPress and plugins to patch security holes
Automatic Backups
Check daily backups at your web host
Renewal Date Monitoring
Plan ahead for website renewals
Account Cleanup
Discontinue services you don’t need
Uptime Monitoring
If your site goes down, we get alerted immediately
Local Backups
Beachside stores copies of your site on our servers


Email Alerts
We monitor security reports from your site
Security Audits
Manual security checks by a human being
Wordfence Premium
With yearly prepay, we include a license for Wordfence Premium


User Management
Change user passwords, add and remove users
Account Management
Includes email setup and billing management
Troubleshooting Included
Diagnose and fix email issues


Labor Discount
Discount on website and email jobs
Phone Support
Talk to an actual human being
Third Party Services
We support other online services you integrate into your website
Afterhours Support
We offer support on evenings, weekends, and some holidays
Private Servers
Support for your private server or custom website

Fine Print



Updates – We check which updates are available for compatibility with your website, run all updates that would not affect functionality, and test the website after the update. The count of updates per year depends on the service level.

Automatic Backups – Web hosting providers offer a service that makes backups of your website every day without human interaction. We log into your hosting provider and make sure these updates are running.

Renewal Date Monitoring – We notify you of renewals for services related to the website, and check for updated credit card information so renewals can take place without service interruption.

Account Cleanup – Removal of services we are not using, and downgrading of services that are more than essential. Account cleanup removes services that build up over time to save money.

Uptime Monitoring – A service called Pingdom will check your website every 5 minutes. If it does not respond, we are notified by text message and email immediately.

Local Backups – We store copies of your website on our servers to continue after a catastrophic data loss or compromised hosting account.



User Management – This covers GSuite, Office 365, and Rackspace email. We can add or remove users, and reset passwords for users.

Account Management – This includes the labor cost of setting up your email at GSuite or Rackspace. It also includes management for billing and keeping credit card information up to date.

Troubleshooting Included – When your email service goes down, this includes the labor to diagnose and fix it. This is for GSuite and Rackspace email. It fixes the email service itself, and the webmail to access it. MS Outlook and other mail apps are external computer programs and are not covered by this service. Email transfers to another platform are also not part of this troubleshooting labor.



Email Alerts – Your website has the ability to notify us when security is an issue. We get weekly email reports, as well as notifications during attacks on the site.

Security Audits – A human being goes into your site and manually checks to make sure the security is running properly. A scan for malware is done and results are reviewed by a person. This is done during WordPress updates.

Wordfence Premium – Wordfence is our preferred firewall and malware scanner for WordPress. The Premium version of this software offers more protection and features that we need to secure a site. We purchase and manage the subscription for Wordfence Premium for you.



Labor Discount – Not all labor is included in our service plans. This labor discount applies to work on your website and email service. The labor discount does not cover other websites or support for computer issues like MS Outlook.

Phone Support – You can talk to a person if you have issues. A representative is assigned to your account and your issue gets put in our priority service queue.

Third Party Services – We offer support for services that tie into your website. Examples include appointment booking, e-commerce, newsletter services, donation platforms, and job listing services. We can work with these external services and display them inside your website.

Afterhours Support – Your account representative will make availability on weekends, holidays and evenings for urgent needs.

Private Servers – This covers updates and support for private servers at Amazon or other server companies. Maintenance for the server billing, operating system updates, and labor for troubleshooting these servers are included in the price of this service if it was set up by Beachside.