Machine Learning

AI – Artificial Intelligence

The creation of AI and machine learning are able to compete with humans in a lot of jobs. At Beachside we are exploring and testing some of the new bleeding-edge tools that use AI. To me, Chris, it feels like the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel. Whoever uses this technology first will have a huge leg up on their competition. I can help you use existing AI to further your goals or build certain types of custom AI applications.

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AI Applications


Uses: Website text, articles, summaries
One of the most effective uses of AI is with article writing. We can enter a topic we like, such as “Ocean Liner Facts” and have the machine create an article for that. We can’t tell if it’s AI or human writing. Create content in moments that would have taken days.


Uses: Artist ideas, thumbnails, blogs
AI creates art. We enter a prompt for the AI to work with and it designs unique pictures for us. If we try to make photographic-like pictures, they look a bit funny. If we do artistic things like pixel-art, it comes out great. This can be used for ideas, or directly.


Chatbots will supplement websites. Users will be able to go to a website and talk to the human-like AI on the other end, or use the website as an old-fashioned website like this one.

Custom AI

AI can solve problems similar to humans. We can input any set of numbers, train the AI what certain sets of input numbers mean, then get output like a human might give.

Fine Tuning AI

We can adjust existing AI to be closer to our needs. For example, we can train the common ChatGPT with custom questions and answers to turn it into a focused expert on answering questions about your company.

Questions – Machine Learning

Can I use AI generated content commercially?

Yes, AI written content can be used commercially. Restrictions are imposed however. We must attribute text to the currently available GPT models. We also must keep the watermark on all images generated by AI.

Is the text loaded with errors?
No, the text is not loaded with errors. I have been doing testing and found that text is somewhere near 95% accurate. Most of the content I generated would be usable on websites without modification.
Is AI real or just some fad?
AI is about to revolutionize human existence. It is on par with the discovery of fire. We are at the earliest stages of what will become the solution to all our problems, and the cause of so many more.