Email Setup

Email Setup

Getting a reliable email service is a critical part of any business, and a relatively low-cost item for users. GSuite and Rackspace both offer reliable email services and are our preferred email services. We offer email setup, email transfers, email security, and even a little email wizardry.

GSuite is our favorite email service. It is reliable, it is fast, it has great support, and we have never had to troubleshoot it.

Rackspace is a cheaper alternative to GSuite. It is just email and does not have some of the cloud features Google has.

We offer limited support for existing Office 365 business accounts. We do not set up new Office 365 accounts.

Questions – Email

What email providers do you service?

We offer full service for Rackspace and GSuite email. We can offer basic maintenance in Office 365. We do not service Exchange servers.

What kind of email security?

Email security addresses three goals: Preventing people from logging into your email, enabling features to prevent impersonation of your email, and keeping your email private until it reaches it’s destination. We use tools built into our email systems to do this, like 2 factor authentication, SPF and DKIM.

What if my web hosting comes with free email?

Certain web hosting comes with free email hosting. If you are relying on email for your company to make money, do not use free email with your web hosting. We do not support free email hosting that comes with your web hosting plan, and if you are using a free email service like this, we recommend switching to something more reliable. 

Can you help us transfer our email accounts to another provider?
Yes, we offer email transfers from your current email host to your new host. We can transfer your domain, the accounts, and the emails in the accounts. We support transfers to GSuite and Rackspace email.