WP Engine Hosting

I recently started moving my clients to WP Engine hosting. Beachside Technology is partnered with WP Engine to provide a better overall experience with web hosting.

It was about April of 2020 when I started to feel like the current web hosts I was using were letting me down. It was most of the major hosts you see in ads that had similar issues. Sites got progressively slower and had more downtime. When I approached support for these hosts requesting help it got progressively worse through the years and the techs seemed to not care. I was frustrated with the hosting, the support and the billing from these major hosting companies I don’t want to name.

Anyway, I explored a few other options for hosting like a VPS from Amazon or Google Cloud which were inexpensive, but had limited support and took a lot of work to set up. I also explored some other shared hosts like WP Engine, which is what I finally chose for my new everyday hosting.

I have used WP Engine so far on about 10 sites I manage. Transferring sites is not as smooth as I’d like, but once they are there it performs perfectly in speed and reliability. I don’t get nickel and dimed at WP Engine, it is a single package for website, SSL cert, and daily backups. And the best part is the support. I’ve used it maybe 5 or 10 times so far. The techs don’t tell me no and stop helping, they actually help find a way to do what I want. I got a few support techs and they were all really patient and just basically did what I asked without any trouble. I was pretty much sold at this point.

In short, I am recommending WP Engine as my go-to web host for my clients at this point. Prices are comparable to other popular shared hosting places, but I like the speed and support here better.