3 Things Every Client Needs During a Website Build

Every web design company is going to give you a different experience and outcome when building your website. These are 3 things every client should have when building their site to get the best outcome.

A Designer to Match Your Needs

Compare your designer’s recent portfolio to your expectations. If nothing in the portfolio looks like your expectations, it is not a good match. During this you’ll also get an idea of whether your personalities are a match for the project. Find someone who can and has delivered what you want and who has a personality you can groove with.

Weekly Involvement

Constant involvement is important to reach expectations. I have a virtual meeting every week with the client to view the progress on the website together and discuss what they like and dislike. Then I nudge the project in that direction before our next weekly meeting and repeat. Meeting on a weekly schedule helps my clients know the project is progressing, and it keeps the client involved in the creative side of the project to meet their expectations.

Control of Your Site

At the end of the project you should own your website, have full access and have the billing in your name. I build my new sites on web hosting owned by each client so they control billing and they could continue without me if needed. They fully control their internet destiny. I am just along to help. Controlling your own website is critical in my opinion. Don’t put your fate in someone else’s hands.

These are just the most important things on my list when I think of working with a client to build a new website. Try me out, or ask your designer to do this when you build your next site.