Private Servers

Private Web Servers

Private servers increase sales. Load times are faster, so people see more of your site before they get bored. High reliability decreases website outages.

Virtual Private Server Setup – $750

AWS – Amazon Web Services
This service includes full setup and installation of your website on a customized Virtual Private Server hosted at Amazon. You control everything, we just have access. We recommend having us manage the private server for you on our Premium Care plan.

Comparison – Private vs Shared Hosting

Private Server (AWS)

The private AWS server had a very fast load time of 0.4 seconds. Over the course of the year it went down for a total of 1 minute.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting loaded slowly at 2.2 seconds on average. 3 hours of downtime over 56 outages were reported over the year.

Questions – Virtual Private Servers

What is the difference in cost between private servers and shared hosting?

Cost is comparable monthly between shared hosting and private servers. Maintenance costs on private servers is higher though, and this is where the expense comes in. We offer a premium care plan to service AWS servers.

Is it worth it for me to have a Virtual Private Server?

Fast websites sell more. You can only sell when your site is online. This is why the speed and reliability of a private server can make more money than it costs. It takes an active business already making sales to make this worthwhile.

Shared vs Private web hosts?

Shared web hosts group many websites next to each other and run them all on the same server, sharing its resources to cut costs. Shared hosting gets slow when other websites are under high load. Private servers are dedicated to us. We have a guaranteed amount of memory and CPU power, and if other sites get bogged down, it doesn’t affect us. We get more speed and more reliability when we have our own resources we don’t have to share.

What does it take to maintain a Private Server?

A private server is a computer running on the internet. We need to keep it up to date, deal with occasional issues, and monitor it. We never have to maintain hardware with cloud servers like memory or hard drives.