Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is the technical side of web design. It includes creating and installing new features on websites, fixing broken websites, or integrating extra services into your website. We only service WordPress websites, they are our expertise. 

Website Repair

Sometimes websites stop functioning like you want them to. Maybe the whole site is unreachable, or maybe it is just one feature that is not working as intended. We can repair your website and bring it back online when things break.

Custom Features

If WordPress is missing features you want on your site, we can help build them. We often turn to WordPress plugins first to see if a solution has already been made for the need. If tools we want to use are unavailable, we can make a quote to build the tool for you.

Third Party Services

We can integrate your website with third party services to add extra features like online appointment scheduling, having your website contact form auto-add visitors to your client list, or displaying job listings from other sites in your website. Using a service called Zapier, we can tie in even more services. Get a text message when someone fills out a contact form, blink your house lights when a new ticket is waiting, or push a button on the website to create a Facebook post. 

Questions – Web Development

What website systems do you support?

We only service WordPress websites. If you want custom design, development, security or extra features, we can do it on WordPress. 

What are custom features?

WordPress comes with a lot of built-in tools to run a website. Some companies want to add more features to their site, like the ability to book appointments online, allow customers to pay their bills through the website, or the ability to sell access to courses and online materials.

What is so special about third party services?

Tools like Zapier allow us to tie in systems that are totally separate from each other. Here are some examples:

  1. Text your phone when client fills out contact form
  2. Sync calendar appointments from my calendar tool to Google Calendar
  3. Turn up your home thermostat when the word potato is used on your site