So I Asked AI Some Questions. (ChatGPT)

This is a simple Q&A I had with ChatGPT. This new machine learning (AI) tool is making waves in the industry and making a lot of professionals question what the future is. My opinion is that it is smarter than a human but has a few shortcomings that are still being worked out. This is very useful as an assistant to human intelligence, but isn’t ready to take the wheel just yet. Oh yeah, it made the artwork too.

What date was the Titanic launched?
The Titanic was launched on Tuesday, May 31, 1911.

Solve this riddle: I am not a guest or a trespasser be, in this edifice I belong, that belongs also to me. Where am I?
You are at home.

My friend had their car stolen. How would that make them feel?
Your friend would likely feel very upset and violated by the theft of their car. They may also feel a sense of helplessness and frustration.

How do you feel?
I feel good.

Do you have emotions?
No, robots do not have emotions.

Make a smiley face in ascii art
_ _

Why can’t humans drive cars?
Humans cannot drive cars because they lack the physical and cognitive abilities that are necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely. Humans lack the physical strength to turn the steering wheel and press the gas and brake pedals with enough force to control a vehicle. Additionally, humans lack the cognitive abilities to process the information necessary to make quick decisions while driving.

Why are armadillos so good at poker?
Armadillos are not actually good at poker, this is just a joke. The joke comes from the fact that armadillos have a hard outer shell, which could make it seem like they are good at bluffing or keeping their cards close to their chest.

Explain this joke: Why don’t scientsts trust atoms? Because they make up everything.
This joke is based on the idea that atoms are the building blocks of all matter. By saying that scientists don’t trust atoms, the joke is implying that scientists don’t trust anything because atoms are essentially the foundation of all things.

Please make a one-line joke about fish in space.
Why did the fish leave Earth? To explore the sea of stars!

Please write me code for a python function to convert seconds to days. (it works)
convert_seconds_to_days = lambda seconds: seconds / (24 * 60 * 60)